The Vikings

The Vikings

viking shipWho doesn’t love a slot game that’s chock-a-block with dramatic action, heroes, villains and beautiful maidens? Thunderstruck 2 slot game brings the vivid and bloody world of Viking raiders to life with its cast of goddesses and gods who are as vicious and tricky as their human counterparts. But, is this all there was to our marauding Nordic relatives? I dug a little deeper to find out.

The key characters of Thunderstruck are those infamous gods Odin, Loki, Thor and a vengeful and an alluring Valkyrie, and it is this immortal crew who are key to making big bucks on this mega-smash of a slot game, but was there more to these Nordic warriors who crossed the sea leaving an indelible mark on much of Europe and beyond?

There are many different and contested meanings to the word Viking, but one of its meanings is Pirate Raider. For many of those countries invaded on a regular basis it must have felt like a never ending stream of long boats filled with muscly fighters, pillaging anything valuable and wreaking havoc on local people, shedding blood like water!

Scandie Power

Scandinavia mapIn fact, the Vikings came from three different Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Sweden and Norway and apart from robbing monasteries and murdering at will, they also managed to settle in s places like the Scottish Hebrides and parts of Britain setting up new lives, farming and trading.  They changed the history of much of North Western Europe between the 8th and 11th centuries.

These guys were amazingly skilled sailors, with their infamous longboats allowing them to travel as far north as Iceland and as far south as Spain.  Traces of Viking trading have been found as far away as Turkey!

It was these brightly decorated and often intimidating looking ships that were part of the Viking’s success. They made their ships out of over-lapping wood to make sure it was strong enough to cope with the treacherous seas they travelled. Their design also meant that they were easy to manoeuvre, which meant that they could be easily taken ashore allowing them to make quick attacks.

Star Sailors

sailing by the starsThese brave warrior sailors were able to navigate using the stars by night and coastal landmarks by day. In bad weather they took down their woollen sail and secured it over the top of the boat to protect the sailors.
Many of the sailors would have had an amulet, a replica of Thor’s famed Miollnir, or hammer. The Miollnir was used by Thor to protect the Nordic Gods and their realm from the Giants, who represented chaos! The Vikings would have worn this symbol to protect them on their dangerous voyages.

The Vikings had a wide pantheon of gods who they worshipped and the leader of these was Odin. He was king of the gods in Asgard, the home of them all. Odin has a whole Bonus Game dedicated to him in Thunderstruck 2. He can award a mighty 20 free spins and if you make a win then Odin unleashes his two black ravens to dish out Wild multipliers at random- if the two birds land together there’s a generous x6 multiplier awarded- now that’s heaven sent!

Viking (2016) : The Video

Viking God Home

Viking GirlAsgard or Ásgarðr is the hallowed home of the Viking gods and goddesses. It is here that the famed Valhallah, the hall of the heroes who die in battle is found. In Thunderstruck 2 there is even  a Great Hall of Spins bonus game which has four different games, each named after a god to have a crack at, and use some of that immortal luck to spin some Viking gold for the players.

Little did we know that some of our Viking forefathers weren’t just highly effective warriors but some were simply skilled farmers and traders who were looking for a new life, far from our image of Nordic savages intent on death and destruction. To indulge in the more dramatic side of the life and beliefs of those intriguing Vikings, why not have a crack at Thunderstruck 2’s unforgettable Asgardian adventure and see if the gods will bless you with good luck or will you fall foul of their dangerous disfavour?