One of the best things about the Thunderstuck 2 slot, is the characters- based on Norse mythology, The history of Thor et al. is fascinating. Here´s a short run down of Thor, one of the main protagonists of the slot game. Will this knowledge help you to win the jackpot? Probably not, but who cares when it´s this interesting?

A Short History of Your Man Thor
Thor is the fearsome red-haired and bearded Norse god of thunder (also Germanic, Anglo-Saxon paganism).
He´s probably the most famous of the Norse gods and was (or is) a key part of the culture of the ancient Germanic peoples and later the Vikings. If you believe in mythology, and you own a Beemer or Mercedes CL 500, it is more than likely that it will be Thor sitting under the bonnet with his little hairy legs whirring away as you put your foot down.
His famous weapon is the Mjöllnir- which has often been used as a symbol for Norse pagans. Read up on the Norse myths here.

Who´s the  Daddy?
Thor is the son of Odin and Jörd, a female giant. His other half is Sif, who has golden hair, and of course, being a virile chap, he has a mistress called Járnsaxa (another female giant) with which he has 2 mini Thors: Móði and Magni. With Sif he sired a daughter Thrud and a son Lóriði.

The Famous Weapon: The Mjöllnir
Thor is famous for his hammer, Mjöllnir, which acts like a boomerang when winged at a foe. Thor also has the power to throw lightning bolts up his sleeve (well he doesn´t normally wear sleeves, but you get our drift). To carry the hammer Mjöllnir, Thor wears the belt Megingjord, which magically increases his strength (you can see where how Asterix was inspired) and a pair of special gloves, (Járngreipr) made of iron, to use the hammer.

Mjöllnir is Thor´s weapon of choice when fighting giants, and the hammer shape became very popular with the Vikings while they were raping, pillaging and generally discovering new lands.

Sweet Chariot
Thor owns a handy set of wheels: a chariot. Unfortunately the horsepower is found a bit wanting, as it´s pulled by 2 smelly goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr. However, they do have one special quality. If you run out of food, you can eat them, and a magical spell after pudding restores them to full health (but you must be careful not to break any bones).

Thor´s Pad
Thor lives in Bilskirnir: a grand hall and the scene of many a huge feast and banquet. The hall has over 500 rooms and is in good state throughout. Located down a quiet country lane within a substantial, leafy plot, this wonderful 500 bedroomed family home features two large reception halls, a beautiful mature garden and a garage that fits a large chariot. Freehold. There´s nothing that Thor likes more than getting completely off his face at Bilskirnir.

The Cross-Dressing Adventures of Thor
We haven´t got the space here to go into detail about Thor´s adventures. Suffuce to say, that this is the kind of guy that gets into a lot of scrapes: he´s just that kind of a god. One famous tale involves the king of the Giants who steals Thor´s magical hammer, Mjöllnir. Thor teams up with his sidekick Loki, hoping to track down the thief, and they travel to the Land of the Giants on a Feather-robe to speak to their king.

The king comes clean about the hammer, but won´t return it unless the owner of the feather robe- Freyja- marries him. Freyja says "no way, José, on yer bike king man",  so Thor and liki scheme up a plan to trick the King.
Thor is partial to a bit of cross-dressing, so he disguises himself as a blushing bride in one of Freyja's dresses (with a veil) and rides to the wedding feast. The king comments that his bride is eating rather a lot of pies and throwing back the grog at the feast, at which point Loki explains that she has not eaten anything for 8 days and nights- she´s famished and got a real thirst on. The giant asks for the hammer be brought to his wife and placed in her lap to bless her. Once Thor has the hammer, he throws off his garter and wedding dress, strips down to his bra and knickers and slays all the giants in the hall. How´s that for a party guest? They won´t be inviting him to any more soirées, I shouldn´t think.