Thor the Movie

Well, if you are a Thunderstruck 2 fan, you probably enjoyed the 2011 movie: Thor.  And why not? An action movie always works for a bit of escapism, and this one has some Shakesperean undertones (a little thinly we'd agree, but nevertheless).

Thor (2011)


Thor (2011)
Thor is the main star of the Thunderstruck 2 Slot Machine of course. But he is also big news in the movie. The Nordic warrior Thor (Hemsworth) is cast out of the realm of Asgard by his father Odin (Hopkins) for being arrogant and sent to Earth to live among men. He falls for scientist Jane Foster (Portman) who instructs Thor on the ways of the world, useful when the Baddie enters the scene with dark forces to challenge him.

Thor's brother; Loki bags the throne of Asgard for his own ends and plans revenge, Thor's lurve for plain Jane and his new found humility transform him into the true Hollywood hero and six packed defender of the people of the planet.

The powerful but arrogant warrior Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders.

The film is directed by Kenneth Branagh, and stars Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman.

Thor is a turbo-charged fantasy epic that stands up well in the Marvel pantheon of Cinema.

This is the 4th Marvel film released - it cam out the same time as Captain America (overkill maybe?)

Thor was originally going to come out 3 years earlie along with X-Men, but there were problems with the initial director, Matthew Vaughn who was eventually replaced by Kenneth Branagh- quite a departure from his William Shakespeare history.

He just about pulls it off though, he creates a Thor that appeals to Marvel die-hard fans and curious newbies alike, without being too nerdy, and by sticking to the Marvel character closely enough.

The battle scenes are a little bit confusing, but the set design and art direction balances this off- well worth a watch.