odin thunderstruck 2It is important to know who Odin is when you are playing the Thunderstruck 2 Slot game, as he dishes out free spins!

He will give you 20 free spins in the Great Hall of Spins bonus game (you need to get in multiple time to unlock him- test it out on our free Thunderstruck2 pokie game).

Don´t Mess With Odin.
Odin is one of the Big Swinging Ricks in Norse god terms- he is the ruler of Asgard and a key member of the Æsir (Norse Pantheon).
You are unlikely to bump into Odin without his horse and spear, and he´s a bit of a Babapapa too, in that he morphs into different animals. 

He´s not all Brawn and Trousers
Odin is your thinking man´s God- definitely a man, or rather an immortal with a plan.
Odin´s father is Borr and his mother Bestla. He is eventually killed by a wolf: Fenrir at Ragnarök, an event that is later avenged by his son Víðarr. Head here for a full rundown of Norse mythology.

A Bit of A Ladies´ Man
Odin´s key achievements include being hung from a tree for over a week, having been stabbed by his own spear (which never misses- unlucky Odin), so that he could become wise to the power of the "Nine Worlds". (9 is a key number in Norse mythology and is often associated with magic and sorcery). Odin is also quite a homeowner. He has 3 pads and a huge mortgage: Gladsheim, an enormous hall, Valaskjálf, a solid silver number and Valhalla the Great Hall- not so much for lounging around having feasts and drinking ale, but more for  receiving the souls of fighters killed in battle, (the Einherjar).
The souls of female warriors, by the way. and those strong and stunning women whom Odin took a fancy to, became Valkyries, who harvest the souls of warriors fallen in battle.

What First Attracted You to The Millionaire Odin?
Odin is a bit of a David Blane at heart and has a number of magical possesions that he treasures that he uses to go about his daily work. He has a  spear called Gungnir, which never misses, a magical gold ring called Draupnir and of course the ubiquitous ravens- 2 of them called Huginn and Muninn. These are kind of pre Internet information junkies that fly around the planet every day and report back what´s going down.

Fascinating, I´m Sure. What´s the Deal with Odin on the Thunderstruck2 Slot?
OK- all well and good- there´s a bit of background for you so that you know the kind of God you are dealing with. The most important thing that you need to know about Odin, in terms of the Thunderstruck 2 Slot machine, is that if you  trigger the Thunderstruck 2 bonus game for a 10th time you can unlock the next chamber of the Great Hall of Spins. Here you´ll have the pleasure of meeting our man Odin, a.k.a. the Ruler of Asgard, who will comp you 20 Free Spins and randomly turn other symbols around and about into Multipliers up to 6x. Nice.

Raven Haven
Odin likes the birds. He's often to be seen with his feathery friends Huggin and Muninn, the Ravens.